We recently purchased a home with a 10 year old pool that'd never had the tile cleaned. After reaching out to Dave he sent us a quote within 24 hours p, answered all of our questions, and was at our house that same weekend. The tile went from a cloudy blue with major build up especially around the fountains and water line to a brilliant deep blue that we love. An obvious expert once you start talking to him, Dave was friendly, professional, and did a superb job. Highly recommended!

-- T.P. | Brentwood, CA


My pool looks FABULOUS thanks to Dave and his wonderful pool tile cleaning service.  Communication was great and Dave is a pleasure to work with and very friendly, too!  Thanks, Dave, for doing such a good job on my pool!

-- Josie T. | Los Angeles, CA


We hired AquaPros to clean our client's glass tile.  We couldn't have been more satisfied with the service we received.  David's communication was fabulous and follow-up superb.  The quality of his workmanship was impeccable.  He not only did a beautiful job cleaning the tile, he brought along a water storage vessel so that all of the displaced water was returned to the pool without any water wasted.  We will certainly recommend him to clients and colleagues alike.

-- Rick P. | Saratoga, CA


Great job! Pool looks like new, and he even reset tiles done poorly by the pool company in the beginning!

-- Ken R. | Napa, CA


We are so pleased with the way the pool tiles and aggregate deck turned out. It makes us happy now to look out the kitchen and family room windows. The tiles looked bad for so long that we thought they would have to be replaced. Dave did an amazing job of restoring them back to the appearance of new tiles. We also appreciate the courteous and professional way that he conducts business. It was a joy to work with Dave and his crew.

-- D.T. | Novato, CA


After having our pool tile cleaned by Dave at AquaPros, it looks like new again.  I found AquaPros by first researching the material used, to find one that I thought was most natural and least harmful to the tile surface, Maxx Strip. The Maxx Strip website listed AquaPros as a local service that used the material.  I was delighted that the manager, Dave (who also does the work) was so wonderful to deal with.  Our communications were effortless (both email and phone) and he was very accommodating with schedule changes, even offering Sunday as an option.  The pricing is transparent, based on degree of build up and area/length to be cleaned. For our moderately large pool with moderate build-up, the process took a bit more than half a day. I did not detect any etching of either the tile or groat afterward, which would also have facilitated future accumulation of deposits. Some residual material is left on the bottom of the pool after completely settling. The regular pool services needed to finalize the cleanup, including cleaning material from the automatic pool sweep.  I will contact Dave to do our cleaning next time, hopefully in a few years or so.

-- Nancy S. | Napa, CA